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Have you ever tried doing water therapy for stopping a simple cold, instead of taking your over-the counter pill? Odds are, as many individuals have experienced, that you're healed with drinking just a few portions of anything but - water.

In fact, ancient cultures have found a method of healing by fasting for several days and only having water to drink. It's true our our body is 75% water, and we can survive a week without food, but, not without water. Even astronauts need pure water to survive in space.

Such as the rushing sound of a river, drinking water cleanses us from inside, making us feel better on the exterior. Try drinking less water every day and you will feel your body suddenly thrown right into a whirlpool of chaos, making you sick. The body, then, is thirsty for water's life nurturing benefits. Water may be the very fuel that cleanses you of diseases-causing toxins. Surely, sooner or later, you have known what a drop of rejuvenating water in your parched lips feels like.


Pure Water: Not Your Average Water

Water means life, health, and healing. There isn't any point arguing this fact. But, it is also a known proven fact that there are lots of chemicals and contaminants present in h2o and by deciding to drink pure, means drinking probably the most natural water that our bodies truly deserve. In our modern times, it is unfortunate that access to pure, h2o is far from reach, unless you live in a place that's ecologically-intact.

Pure Water: The Key for your Body's pH Level

The body includes a unique filtering system that balances the acid and base of the body's fluids through the amazing tag team of the kidneys, liver, and lungs. The greater acid you have, the greater prone you'll be to numerous types of diseases. Today's lifestyle have made people more prone to acidosis and pure water is the key in bringing back the total amount, for your body to operate at its prime. The very what you eat is a major factor in your body's pH levels and for this reason, we have seen campaigns on getting balance through vegetables and fruit. Your system needs a pure water source to hold oxygen-rich blood to your cells, replenishing it with essential minerals and vitamins.

Pure Water: Your Secret to Ultimate Hydration

To obtain pure, contaminant-free water is really a never-ending quest and there are incidents of contamination despite the Environmental Protection Agency's ( EPA ) water treatment standards. Imagine how rejuvenating a glass of water is... and how much more if you are drinking pure water. When your is dehydrated, this means being stressed and it creates "stress chemicals " that are released to handle the situation. Over time, these toxins doesn't only cause you to constipated, however it can accumulate right into a chronic disease like obesity, chronic pain or fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, or even cancer - which could all be fatal ultimately. Pure water rejuvenates your cells much better than your family mug of coffee or perhaps a can of the fizzy drink, minus the sugar substitutes. Drinking pure water means giving your body a no-fuss diuretic that surpasses the straightforward response to thirst. When your is properly hydrated, the body is fully energized for the day, without you needing to chug down a bottle of energy drink.

Pure Water: Your Clean, Weight reduction Alternative

Spending hundreds and maybe thousands on the next miracle pill and diet to lose weight can be a very frustrating experience. There are many fad miracle cures promising weight reduction once the answer is closer to nature. Pure h2o could be the symbolic elixir of youth and health, which can be our wonder potion to lose weight - for good. In fact, water is a good, natural hunger controller, filling you up and cutting down your cravings for unhealthy food. The less you eat, then, the less you weigh. Research have shown that the low intake of water can mean high fat and salt deposits in your body, causing you to fat. Pure water can help your liver in metabolizing your stored fats and making it energy required by the body. Drink less and you will force the body on the survival mode by retaining more water that may cause you to swell. By drinking pure water, you cleanse the colon, forcing fats along with other toxins to visit out of the body like one would clean a dirty pipe having a hose. Be sure to drink your water cold if you want to burn fat.

The number of glasses you take relies upon how old you are, height, and weight. Normal recommendations suggest eight glasses of pure water daily. It is also vital that you know that we also get water from the foods we eat. It is never past too far to drink up to health insurance and the next time you hit the bar, get a glass of pure water - on the rocks!

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